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OUR PURPOSE: to achieve fundraising success for your mission, within your culture


One size doesn’t fit all is how Conway Company approaches each non-profit’s unique fundraising needs and goals. We create strategies for success based upon each organization’s distinctive mission, culture, operational style and resources.

Knowledge is power is what sets Conway Company’s fund-raising counsel apart. We don’t surmise or generalize. We research. What has worked in the past? What hasn’t? What do donors think? The community? The region? What will work for you? We collect data. We collect opinions. We analyze, both
quantitatively and qualitatively, and then offer solutions appropriate for your organization.

Looking at things ripens you and gives you a deeper understanding, said Van Gogh. And that’s exactly what we do when we join your team’s knowledge of the organization and commitment to its mission and our team’s more than 150 years of fundraising experience. Together, we reach the customized approaches and solutions that assure fundraising success.

Organizational and financial success is what Conway Company fund-raising counsel is all about. Our knowledge, experience, skill, creativity and commitment mean achieving the results you want for your fundraising efforts, for your organization… and for your future.